Orphanage in Malawi

In Malawi, the poorest country in Africa, many children are orphaned due to abandonment by their fathers, HIV/AIDS and Malaria. In the 22 villages we work in, there are around 100-150 orphans in each. We are working to provide a center where the under 5 children can come and get a meal and basic learning instruction to prepare them for primary school. Though we have supported the other orphanages in our area for the past four years, we wanted to build our own in a place where it was so desperately needed. So we did! 

This orphanage was completed in August of 2017 and is located in Tembwe Village in Salima, Malawi. We have 87 orphans under five years old we assist in education, food and healthcare. Once the orphans are old enough to go to school, we work on finding them school scholarships so that they have the same opportunities as the other children.