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Our Kind

Inspiring Compassion through Global Action


Our Approach

We approach each and every situation with an open mind. We work to build respect and trust with the partners, communities, and countries we work in. With their acceptance, we build a plan together to meet the most pressing issues. We listen, learn, and solve the needs together. We look for solutions that are integrated, scaleable, and sustainable. At Compassion Kind, we work with governments, institutions, local leaders, civil society organizations, foundations, and businesses around the world to ensure that the most vulnerable beings are heard, and that they get the assistance they need to sustain from within the communities. Our teams and partners advocate for capacity building training and grass roots techniques so we make a lasting impact, create measurable change, and operate as efficiently as possible.

Humane Education

Education is a powerful tool for transformation. With it, we can create a more humane and sustainable world. At Compassion Kind we empower people to develop solutions that are conscious and sustainable for people, animals and environment. We work with schools to include humane education in their curriculum and activities. In return, we provide schools with the necessary resources and tools the students need to excel. Our programs include Conservation Clubs, tree nursery and farm animal care demonstrations and the promotion of progressive, environmentally aware education.

Global Awareness

Compassion is an awareness of others' suffering combined with a willingness to take action to relieve the suffering. To empathize, we must first be aware of the suffering. Compassion Kind uses global awareness campaigns to ignite compassion in global citizens and inspire them to take action. We focus on the most pressing animal welfare and human rights issues around the globe. Through global awareness we hope to incite global action through individuals to create a more conscious culture. 

Disaster Relief

When a natural disaster or man-made disaster strikes, Compassion Kind sends a team in to assess the situation and see how we can best help. From supply drops to shelter aid, special needs assistance and animal rescues, we are there to assist. We focus on the most devastated and vulnerable populations in a disaster situation, where help is needed most but not always administered. Our team conducts a needs assessment, connects with partner organizations and prepares an emergency plan to assist the people and animals in need. Our team includes human and animal doctors, crisis and disaster relief specialists, sustainability experts and dedicated volunteers.

Community Action 

We believe in the power of communities to create lasting change from within. We focus on compassionate projects that impact the lives of people and animals around the globe. We focus our efforts on the following global issues including refugee aid, animal welfare, human-wildlife conflict, poverty alleviation, gender equality, climate change and education. Our projects are varied but share one central theme; compassion. It is the root of all of our work and the driving force behind our organization. We encourage local leaders and community members to take charge and feel empowered to make a difference. We provide training and support for their projects so that they can be sustained within the communities. We look for solutions that improve the human to human and human to animal bond, breaking the cycle of conflict between all kind. 

Our Team


Aja-Nikiya Estro

Jeff Bronson

Heydi Acuna

James Gaetano

Valeria de Jesus Collazo

Alexandra Wright

Yvette Bracero

Angel Ravida

Stacy Prevost




Ground Team

Maria Rivera

Filda Mills

Richanne Christine

Wanda Villegas

Carmen Aquino

Emmanuel Phiri

Lloyd Kaude

Emma Aceng


Jenna Hogg

Dr. Yvonka DeRidder

Jackie Walling

Dr. Kristin Artman

Hannah Huntley

Amanda Harrington

Aleksandra Schiffer

Amanda Stephens


We are a volunteer based organization dedicated to global change through compassionate action.  


Compassion Kind is dedicated to promoting a more conscious culture through compassionate actions to end the suffering of all beings. We want to create a paradigm shift that elevates human consciousness and strengthens the human-animal bond. People helping animals and animals helping people. We do this through education, advocacy, relief work and community projects. We believe compassion is a catalyst for change.

The transparent kind.

How Donations Are Spent

All donations contribute to our work. Here is a breakdown of spending by program.