Malawi Rural Health Clinic

In Malawi, healthcare is not available to everyone, especially if you live in remote areas with limited access to public transportation. Clinics are far and often times, people living in the villages can’t get to a clinic in time for emergencies or cant afford the services. We a building a clinic that will serve over 25,000 people in rural Salima, Malawi. We hope to prevent deaths from infections and Malaria that are easily cured with medication and proper care.



Our clinic services will be free to children under the age of 18. The clinic will serve as a safe space for children to learn and be able to get sanitary pads, medicines, contraceptives and vitamins. We will offer primary care and offer ambulance service for emergencies to the nearest hospital.



Our clinic is still under construction but is expected to be ready to launch in January 2018. We have already gone through our first round of inspections by the Health Council and have completed all of the required documentation. We can’t wait to open our doors!


If you are a health professional interested in volunteering abroad, please contact us