Cooper/Black male & Annie/Chocolate female are 10 week old lab mixes. They are the cutest 

Tanya is a 8 week old female we believe to be Border collie mix.

Boo is a 8 week old female we believe to be Border collie mix.

Lilo is a 8 week old female we believe to be Border collie mix.

Amy is a 8 week old female we believe to be Border collie mix.

Moana is a 8 week female old we believe to be Border collie mix.

Sasha is as sweetest as they come. Sasha is 1 years old female. She was very abused in Puerto Rico so she is super shy but once smells you and knows she safe she usually wants to stay right next to you and receive lots of pets and kisses.

Sam looks to be a 3 year old corgi mix male. He has the best ears and the cutest short legs. He is extremely loving and just wants to lay in your lap. HE is great with children and other dogs

Meet Dakota! Dakota is 9 months old Husky mix. Very sweet and affectionate. He loves to play and chew on toys. Dakota is a little nervous at first with other dogs but he is currently being socialized. 

Meet Farley!
Farley is 1 years old. This handsome boy is extremely affectionate and patient. He never stops wagging his tail! He enjoys sunbathing and taking long naps outside. He is great with other pups, crate trained, and in the process of being potty trained. He is a loyal friend who is looking for a family that will give him lots of love, kisses, and snuggles.

Meet Maite! Maite is 6 months old. Very sweet and affectionate. She loves to play and chew on toys. Maite is a little nervous at first with other dogs but she is currently being socialized. She is also in the process of being potty trained. Very sweet and open to new people.

Meet Ruby! This pretty looking pup is 9 months old. She is great with kids and other pups. She is high energy and loves to run and play! But is also happy just laying next to you and playing with her toy. She is crate trained and knows how to sit and is in the process of being potty trained. 

Can you handle this ball of cuteness? Meet Lady! She is 1 years old. This beautiful girl is too precious. We have no idea how her tongue ended up with chunks missing but we are confident that this little girl was badly mistreated. Every pit bull we have rescued has the most tragic history and most amazing soul. We are so happy we can help these innocent beings and show how wonderful they are. (she may have some Staffordshire Terrier going on too!) She is a total love bug. She just wants to follow you around, sit close to you and cuddle and give kisses. She is house broken! (Available for Adoption June 5th)

Dude (aka “little monster”) is a very sweet little boy from PR. Don’t know his exact age, but he is definitely still a puppy. Very playful and loves to cuddle, even enjoys being carried around like a baby! Would highly recommend he get a home that has a yard, he really likes to be outside. Was found on a beach, so it’s probably just what he’s used to and comfortable with. But he has done really well adjusting to life as a “pet.” He’s made a lot of progress in the two months that we’ve had him. He’s crate trained (sleeps through the night) and pretty well potty trained. His mange is all gone and his hair is coming back well. He and our 5 yr old black lab get along great, they’ve become buddies. We also dog sat for a friend with an 8 yr old female dog, and they were fine together as well. 

Meet Nubs-Male! This little ball of fun is a 2 year old Chihuahua mix 12lbs with the cutest nub tail EVER!!! He loves to run around and play with other pups. He also enjoys quite time on the couch while playing with his favorite toy. He always requires a lot of love and extra patience. 

Meet Nena and Flaka! These two girls were part of one of our first rescues in Puerto Rico. They were living in a wire cage, never let out to see the sun or grass and deprived of ample food and clean water. They are the sweetest two beings on Earth! Because of their trauma, they cannot be separated. They are a bonded pair, mother and daughter. Perfect for someone with no or few animals. They get along with everyone, cats or dogs! Nena is a chihuahua 4-5yrs old and Flaka is rat terrier/chihuahua mix 1yr old. They are extreme under the cover cuddlers!

Happy Tails :)

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